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Baker Mayfield Can Be The Hero For The Cleveland Browns

Photo: Jason Miller

LaVar Arrington: "If Baker Mayfield were to find himself in a scenario where going back and playing for the Cleveland Browns was feasible - and I think it is, I think it makes sense, even though it is not the best of circumstances to do it - but if he does go back, he has a chance to put himself in one of the most heroic positions that a pro athlete could be in. A team in need, a great fanbase in need, getting Baker Mayfield to come back, and not to mention if they were actually able to win with him coming back, his stock could rise tremendously. I think he gives them a better opportunity to win than Jacoby Brissett."

LaVar Arrington reacts to Baker Mayfield leaving the door open to return to the Cleveland Browns and lead the team during Deshaun Watson's inevitable suspension. LaVar breaks down why Mayfield has an opportunity to have a heroic moment this year in Cleveland, setting himself up for a strong contract and tremendous fan support in the future.