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Baker Mayfield Could Be The One To End Sam Darnold’s Career

Photo: Brian Bahr

RJ Bell: “The odds say that there’s a 78% chance Baker Mayfield is going to start week one, and Sam Darnold at a 22% chance. Now keep in mind, the odds of Sam Darnold starting week one is so much better than week eight.”

AJ Hofman: “No Doubt. This is the time when you would say, ‘Let’s go with what we got until Baker is totally comfortable.’”

RJ Bell: “It never dawned on me that Baker Mayfield could be the one to end Sam Darnold’s career!”

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ & AJ Hoffman discuss Baker Mayfield’s arrival in Carolina. The odds that Baker Mayfield starts week one is -450 despite there being an open competition for the spot. The crew certainly has some interesting opinions on Carolina’s eventual decision, including the idea that Mayfield could be the one to end Sam Darnold’s career!