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Dave Roberts: Nobody Was Bothered by Freddie Freeman in Atlanta

Photo: Kevork Djansezian

Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They talk about their remarkable comeback after being down six runs against the Cardinals last night and how he handles the squad in that kind of situation. They discuss the inevitable move to robot umpires calling balls and strikes and how it will affect the game. He thinks the rise in strikeouts is because the business of baseball doesn’t reward just putting the ball in play. And explains exactly how things went down in the locker room with Freddie Freeman when they played in Atlanta.

Dan Patrick: “How surprised were you about the emotion that hit (Freddie Freeman) and sort of the fallout?”

Dave Roberts: “I wasn’t, I wasn’t. That’s something we had talked about (for) months leading up to it, so that was just a culmination. And I thought the fans there in Atlanta handled it fantastic. The organization did a fantastic job. And for Freddie to finally get closure, he was having a heck of a year for us already Dan, but to have that closure, what he’s done in the last month has been just, you know, from that point on has been remarkable.”

Dan: “Was anybody bothered by it? Did you have to have discussions in the locker room?”

Dave: “No!”

Dan: “No one?”

Dave: “There wasn’t. And I think, honestly, there was a little something made of Clayton (Kershaw)’s tongue-and-cheek comment but that’s something that, if Clayton is going to say something, it’s going to get blown out of proportion...”