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Kyler Murray's Contract Clause Changes Perceptions

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams

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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to Kyler Murray’s contract extension including an unprecedented clause requiring him to engage in at least four hours of “independent study," or game prep per week.

Brady Quinn: "Maybe there was some apprehension in the first place about doing a deal with Kyler, and having to put a clause in like this, now you understand why. If this dude's not in the facility watching film, doing all the things he should be doing, you're gonna have a really hard time paying him over $100 million fully guaranteed dollars." 
LaVar Arrington: "To accept that clause means that there is an idea and understanding that you could have done it better."
Jonas Knox: "This whole thing is so bizarre and the fact we even know about it is weird."
Brady Quinn: "He's at a pivotal point in his career where I think the perception is starting to get there, where people are looking him like, 'Okay he could be an MVP candidate. He could be a quarterback that wins the division. He could be a quarterback that wins the Super Bowl one day.' But seeing this, it kind of changed my opinion of the team this year."
LaVar Arrington: "Most people who just see it at face value are going to say he's not smart."