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Marcus Freeman: Staying Independent Makes Us Unique

Photo: Christian Petersen

Notre Dame Head Football Coach, Marcus Freeman joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They talk a little bit about his career as a player, including his draft day experience landing on the Bears, and the day he was asked to turn in his playbook for the last time. They get down to brass tacks regarding Notre Dame’s status as an independent school while the rest of the country is shuffling conferences. And he talks about the unique opportunities that N.I.L. rules have opened up for his players and the challenges of coaching such an esteemed university.

Dan Patrick: “What are the advantages of still being an independent football team?”

Marcus Freeman: “I think you get to play a schedule that is truly coast-to-coast, and that’s what makes us unique. And you feel like you have great opportunity every year to make the playoff as long as you win the games you have to win, and it gives these young people exposure all over the country, and you play great opponents every week.”

Dan: “Let’s say your Athletic Director said, ‘Marcus, what do you think about joining a conference? What do you think about joining the Big Ten?’ What would you say?”

Marcus: “I would say, ‘Is that what you feel is best for our program?’ And if he said,  ‘Yes,’ I would be in full support.”