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Dolphins Tampering Punishments Look Good for New England

Photo: Mark Brown

Doug Gottlieb: "I actually think this looks good for New England. New England is saying that there is a team tampering with our guy. Right now, if I'm the Patriots, I'm pissed. I'm super, super pissed. The last 2 years that we had Tom Brady, through his agent, you had one of the owners planting the seed of giving a partial ownership of the Miami Dolphins. That part, you have every right to be mad about. For forever, we've had this view of the Patriots as being the ultimate villains of the NFL, whereas even in their own division, look at what the Dolphins were doing."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the suspensions and punishments laid down on the Miami Dolphins for tampering with Tom Brady during his final season in New England. Doug explains why the story actually makes the Patriots look good, as they can be seen as the innocent victims in a situation that could have contributed to Brady leaving the organization.