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AJ Hoffman: AJ Brown Doesn't Matter for the Eagles This Season

RJ Bell- I just don’t understand... AJ Brown is a huge asset. If you think one of the Eagles biggest concern is at wide receiver and they got a top seven receiver in the league, you can’t help that weakness anymore by getting one of the best receivers in the league!?”
AJ Hoffman- “I don’t think AJ Brown matters for the Eagles with Jalen Hurts throwing him the ball. It’s going to be hard for them to win 10 games with Jalen as your QB. If the Eagles had an elite quarterback it’d be a different story.”

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell and the crew enlighten us on their early NFL prediction odds and the over/under win total for the Philadelphia Eagles this season. RJ & and AJ Hoffman make a friendly bet on the 9.5 win total for the Eagles. RJ takes the over while AJ rides the under!