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Chris Broussard: Ezekiel Elliott Isn't as Good as you Think

Photo: Richard Rodriguez

Chris Broussard: “Zeke looked good through the first five games last season, 2 straight 100 yard games in weeks four & five, then his knee started bothering him and was never the same. I think as this season goes on it’s going to become more and more Tony Pollard because the Cowboys have to win and at this stage Pollard is probably the better back!”
VJ Huskey: “I do not agree with Emmitt Smith! I knew that this was going to happen, as soon as Zeke got his money I knew he wasn’t going to run the same again. Some guys after getting paid start losing their love for the game. It doesn’t make sense that he lost his step as much as he has at this young of an age... I don’t find it a coincidence.”

Today on The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard & VJ Huskey sound off on Emmitt Smith’s take regarding the true value of Ezekiel Elliott for the Dallas Cowboys this season. The guys don’t have faith in Zeke and think the Cowboys will have to make changes at running back early in the 2022 season.