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Tom Telesco: "When We Can Extend Justin Herbert, We Will Do It"

Doug Gottlieb: "Justin Herbert is going to be up for an extension at the end of next year. If it was up to you, would you do it now? He's going to be worth it. How do you sit here and wait and watch these numbers go up and up and up, and think 'what is this going to be like in the offseason?'"
Tom Telesco: "Yeah, it doesn't bother me. Would I do it now? No. We've got Derwin enough to get finished right now. I like the focus to be on the field once you get to training camp. When we can do Justin, we'll do it. The number will be big. He's shown that he can lead this football team for a really long time. And then we will kind of change how we build the team just like how everybody else does in the same situation."

Los Angeles Chargers GM Tom Telesco joined The Doug Gottlieb Show from the team’s training camp Friday afternoon. Telesco spoke about the heartbreaking loss to the Raiders last season, Justin Herbert’s incredible first two seasons in Los Angeles, his expectations for the new additions to the team, and much more!