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Little Leaguers’ Sportsmanship Is Lost in Majors

Photo: RC

Dan loved the sportsmanship and emotion displayed in the Little League World Series yesterday as a batter, who had been struck in the head by a pitch, walked off first base to console the opposing pitcher who was visibly upset about having thrown that dangerous wild pitch. Dan wonders where that wonderful sportsmanship goes because he doesn’t see it in the major leagues these days. In fact, he thinks there’s less sportsmanship now in all sports.

Dan Patrick: “I loved it! And I always, if you get to the major leagues, when does it change?”

Todd Fritz: “Sportsmanship?”

Dan: “Yeah, sportsmanship, because it’s lost now. But when’s it change? Like, at what age does it change? This is the Little League World Series, and this is a big moment, this might be the most important sports moment for 90% of these kids...but there’s less sportsmanship the older you get. There’s less sportsmanship now in sports, all of sports.”