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82% of NFL Week One Pre-Season Games Went Over in Combined Scores

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

AJ Hoffman: “Now that you’re going to see three pre-season games instead of four they want to get their offense clicking earlier so they’re more willing to kick up the offense in the pre-season and make sure it’s ready for the season.”
RJ Bell: “This is clearly a small sample size, I don’t love your theory AJ... I do think it was an off year last year, and we had Covid the year prior! It feels like the last few pre-seasons have just been extremely disrupted. It’s tough to go by the numbers from 2020, 2021, & 2022, you’d have to go look at the numbers before 2019 to see if this makes sense. I don’t trust the numbers.”

Today on Straight Outta Vegas RJ Bell & AJ Hoffman breakdown the reason there has been an increase in overs for total combined score per game during week one of the 2022 NFL pre-season. 82% of pre-season week one games went over compared to last year’s (2021) opposite of week one combined score over which only hit at 23%. While AJ is convinced that this may be a new trend in the NFL, RJ thinks the numbers are just a fluke & week two pre-season should tell us more.