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Brady Quinn: "The New York Media's Love for Zach Wilson is Desperate"

Photo: Mitchell Leff

Brady Quinn: “Despite the injury, Zach Wilson looked awful in that preseason game. Can we just acknowledge the media continually to try to make Zach Wilson something? The media wants this to work out so badly, and it’s kind of tough to listen to, quite honestly. I’ve never seen a QB get so much love from the media for doing less, than Wilson in a long time. Once he got selected in the draft, I had my concerns: he’s smaller so he’s subject to injury, he didn’t play against elite schools in college, and he’s starring down targets. All of these things have played out. I hope he recovers from this, but I don’t get the media love. They’d be good with Jimmy Garoppolo at QB, but they won’t make that move because they’ve invested so much in Zach Wilson.”
Jonas Knox: “I’m curious to see what happens with Joe Flacco, because even Robert Saleh said that Joe can still start in this league. I just wonder if Saleh looks at this situation and thinks that the Jets are in a better position with Flacco at QB than Zach Wilson.”
LaVar Arrington: “Are we saying it’s time for Jimmy G? It’ll be a reunion with Robert Saleh, so he knows the offense.”

On Monday’s edition of 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox react to Zach Wilson’s near-disaster injury in the Jets first preseason game against the Eagles. Wilson will miss sometime with a PCL injury, so the guys see what other options the Jets may have. Could the Jets pull the trigger and make a trade for Jimmy G, or could they stick with Joe Flacco and surpris4e some people with wins.