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Lamar Jackson Wants a New Deal Before the Season Starts

Photo: Joe Sargent

Rob Parker: So many quarterbacks have missed the boat... For example, Patrick Mahomes took a bad deal with 63 million dollar deal guaranteed, he’s going to be the 12th-13th highest paid player instead of top 5. He should’ve of got a fully guaranteed contract with his resume. I believe Lamar should hold out. We’ve seen guys such as Kyler Murray who only got 160 million dollars guaranteed out of his new deal of 230 million dollars. Every quarterback in the NFL should be going for guaranteed deals. You see it in the MLB & the NBA. This is how you change the framework within the NFL. It’s ridiculous the NFL is still giving these phony contracts where they can get rid of you at any point they want. That system in Baltimore is set up for Lamar Jackson, this guy has a better resume than Deshaun Watson and he got a guaranteed contract with the Browns so why shouldn’t he!?”
JR Gamble: “I can’t agree with you Rob! I’m all about guys getting their money. I don’t think any NFL quarterback should get a guaranteed contract. There is too much risk going on at that position. It’d be different if he was throwing 300 yards per game, but his style of game is risky. Cleveland was a fool for giving Deshaun Watson that contract! Maybe if Lamar had Super Bowl rings under his belt it’d be different but who do you think he is Tom Brady!?”  

Today on The Odd Couple, Rob Parker & JR Gamble got fired up regarding Lamar Jackson’s demands for a new deal before the regular season starts September 8th. While Rob believes Lamar has a credible resume and deserves a guaranteed contract, JR thinks that Lamar is too much of a risk to give him guaranteed money. The discussion turned into a debate whether all quarterbacks should get fully guaranteed contracts. Rob was on board, but RJ is not convinced that a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL can stay healthy and produce to the level they should for that kind of deal.