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The Yankees Should Be Concerned

Photo: Sarah Stier

Jason Smith: “Baseball gets difficult when Aaron Judge doesn’t hit a homerun every game! They’re in a cold streak, when Stanton comes back, they’ll come alive and they’ll be alright on offense. The problem is this bullpen, they can’t get anybody out. If your bullpen isn’t good and it’s suspect, guess who is going home late in the playoffs? The team with the weak pitching! If the bullpen stinks in the playoffs then the Yankees are going to stink. Aaron Judge can hit two homeruns a game but it won’t make a difference if you can’t get guys out late in games.”  
Steve DeSaegher: “I agree, if I were a Yankee fan right now this would worry me. With the dominance they’ve had all season and now getting exposed as of late, there is no way you can take this pitching staff into the playoffs and feel comfortable.”

On The Jason Smith Show, Jason and Steve DeSaegher talk about how they’re starting to get concerned with the Yankee’s losing 5 out of their last 6 games. With the MLB making the new post-season schedule, the guys both agree the Yankees will have a tough time going deep into October with the bullpen concerns they are having.