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LeBron James... The Final Chapter

Photo: Ezra Shaw

AJ Hoffman: “You know Bronny is a senior in high school and we know LeBron wants to play a season with him. Everything LeBron does is for a reason, as soon as Bronny comes into the league he can either stay in LA or go play with his son somewhere else. Also it happens that Anthony Davis’s contract is up at that time too... Here is the problem though, anytime you’re talking about an Anthony Davis team you worry about him getting injured and the season falling apart. I think the Lakers have a chance at over 45 wins, but it has to be a healthy season from AD and LBJ, no question.”
MacKenzie Jones:  “The over/under for total wins for the Lakers this season is at 45 wins, optimism is not too good for the Lakers, but there is top-end potential considering they have 2 of the top 10 players in the league. The win total says maybe they make the playoffs maybe they don’t... If AD and LeBron both play 72 games this season, I definitely think the over will hit and they’ll win 50 games."

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, AJ Hoffman & MacKenzie Rivers talked about the LeBron James extension, predictions on the amount of wins the Lakers will get this season & drama at the Patriots & Panthers joint practice. The guys both agreed that LeBron is setting himself up for the final chapter of his NBA career with his contract extension from $44.5 million to $46.7 million.