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Rob Parker: If It Weren’t for Los Angeles, LeBron Would’ve Bounced!


Rob Parker: “If I’m a Laker fan I would be very afraid. I’m not convinced that LeBron is in the championship business anymore. Normally, when LeBron reaches this point with a team he usually leaves exit stage right! He did it in Miami after they won a couple championships, he went to Cleveland, won a championship and what’d he do? He bounced! Here he is in Los Angeles, he doesn’t want to stay here to win a championship, he’s here for the sunshine, business ventures and for his family! I think LeBron would’ve bounced anywhere else if he wasn’t for Los Angeles.”
Andy Furman: “You have to realize what this guy has done for the game... What athlete had the hype back in high school went above and beyond and exceeded that hype!? You have to pay this guy! He’s a great basketball player, you have to pay him for what he’s done. I still have confidence in LeBron when it comes to winning another championship, this guy is 38 years old, and he’s a marvel!”

Today on The Odd Couple, Rob Parker & Andy Furman discuss the reasons LeBron James has signed an extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. Rob thinks that winning is taking a back seat for LeBron and is certain LBJ would leave any other city if it weren’t for the lifestyle, weather, business ventures, and his family building a life in Los Angeles. Andy believes LeBron and the Lakers aren’t done winning championships and with his resume at 38 years old, he deserves every dollar.