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The NFL Dropped the Ball Settling With Deshaun Watson

Roger Goodell Dropped the Ball Settling With Watson

Photo: Getty Images North America

Friday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, LaVar Arrington and Brady Quinn put a spotlight on the NFL's decision to settle with Deshaun Watson. In addition, Brady doesn't understand why the first game Deshaun Watson is eligible to play, would be in Houston.

Jonas Knox: "What a bunch of BS by the NFL. Total shenanigans. But nonetheless at least we have an answer on the punishment for Deshaun Watson..."
Brady Quinn: "You hit the nail on the head. Why would Goodell settle for anything less than what he wanted? And why would he allow Deshaun to go back to Houston? We've already seen him in one preseason game, and we heard the chants and reaction there."