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Tommy Bahama Doesn’t Care About Tampa Bay

RJ Bell: ”What starting QB in this century has left camp for reasons that weren’t disclosed, a vacation to be exact”
AJ Hoffman: “No one.“
RJ Bell: “Remember all the heat when Zeke did a hold out and went to Cancun or Cabo, I said people are going to talk about Cabo for years! If you were to say to me, this is incomprehensible. What does this tell us? It obviously questions Tom’s commitment, or is he going through the motions. The evidence is laying, or less than it was. Does he barely care? There’s a total lack of dedication.”
AJ Hoffman: "I wouldn’t be surprised to see him walk away from this season”
RJ Bell: “Could it be how disgruntled he is with Tampa Bay? If he was with Miami, would he even do this? ”
AJ Hoffman: “This feels like a whole different Tom Brady.”

RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman break down the recent vacation by Tom Brady and question his loyalty to the Bay.