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Don't Let Thibodeaux Off The Hook For How Poorly He Handled That Block

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Giants

Photo: Getty Images

Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, many have come out strong against Bengals TE Thaddeus Moss for the low block he put on Giants OLB Kayvon Thibodeaux which resulted in his MCL sprain. LaVar Arrington puts an end to the controversy by explaining the technical aspects of the play and why Thibodeaux needs to be held accountable for how poorly he handled that block.

LaVar Arrington: "I'm not going to let Thibodeaux off the hook for how poorly he handled that block. It was not an egregious block... You got to learn how to handle blocks where they're not conventional. And I think that he learned a valuable lesson.
People so dang touch sensitive these days, man. Calling that cowardly, or talking about how egregious it was, or [Moss] needed to be fined, or he should be suspended and all this other stuff. Where do you come from? Because that's not football. Football is a tough MF-er sport, and there are smart, tough MF-ers, and there's just tough MF-ers. But regardless of what it is, when you cross them lines, you are in between the lines with some real ones. That's what I know for certain... It's not touch football so learn how to deal with a chop block."