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Mike Gundy Tells Doug Gottlieb OU-OSU Rivalry May End Once OU Joins SEC

Photo: Christian Petersen

Mike Gundy on keeping OU-OSU rivalry alive once OU leaves for the SEC: "It's not feasible. Everybody is just trying to avoid coming out and calling it like it is. Once (Oklahoma) makes the move to the SEC, it's over. We're playing 9 conference games, we're scheduled through the mid-30's with an extra Power 5 opponent, and then we have other games. I can't speak for anybody else, but at Oklahoma State, we have 10 Power Five opponents a year. And then a lot of seasons we're picking up Tulsa, who have been competitive with all these Power Five teams, so it's really 11. Does it make any sense for us to play Oklahoma in another non-conference game when both teams are trying to get into the playoffs and win a conference championship? From a physicality standpoint, and from a standpoint of needing to win games, it's not going to happen. I don't see it happening. I know that upsets some people, but I could just say 'yeah, sure, we'd love to play them, I think it's going to happen, let's work it out.' I just don't think there's anybody behind the scenes working for that, I'm just trying to be realistic. There could be a financial element to it. Television is driving this train. These contracts are driving all these conferences. Could there be a side where somebody comes in and says 'we will do this, this, and this, but we need non-conference OU-OSU to play every year,' now that changes the ballgame."

Oklahoma State HC Mike Gundy joins The Doug Gottlieb Show! Gundy recaps an active offseason and breaks down why Oklahoma State can take more chances in their recruiting and evaluations than the NFL can. Gundy expresses his confidence in his team's ability to get comeback wins as his team demonstrated last season, and talks about coaching his son for the first time in his Oklahoma State tenure. Plus, Gundy explains why he is skeptical the rivalry between OSU and Oklahoma will continue once OU leaves the Big 12 for the SEC.