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One Statistic May Pinpoint Why Russell Wilson Wanted Out of Seattle

Photo: C. Morgan Engel

Dan Patrick: "Russell Wilson baffles me. Because we always talk about how he doesn't run all the time, he runs when he needs to, he avoids getting hit, he runs out of bounds. How does he get sacked so many times when he is not really known as a prolific passer? He's known as a great quarterback, a game manager. I know he keeps plays alive, maybe that's why he gets sacked so many times. Wilson was sacked 48 times a year for the past 4 years. That's the stat I brought up to him after the Super Bowl that opened the floodgates for him to talk about how maybe his future is not in Seattle. It was that stat. The Broncos should give me a playoff share. I'm sort of kidding, but I'm sort of serious. Without that question, maybe Russ doesn't open up the floodgates, and maybe he's still in Seattle."

Dan Patrick tries to make sense of Russell Wilson's struggles with being sacked too often in his career. Dan and the crew look at Hall of Fame level quarterbacks with record-high career sack numbers and examine why Wilson finds himself so high on the list despite being typically viewed as a mobile quarterback. Plus, Dan reflects on how he himself revealed this number to Wilson near the end of his Seattle tenure, and hypothesizes that this statistic may have implanted the idea for Wilson to leave the Seahawks.