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RJ Bell: Kevin Durant Is Diminished and Probably Was a Spoiled Child

RJ Bell: "He had the preference to leave, but the market wasn’t ready or didn’t want him. Here’s the thing, how would Kevin Durant be depicted as a child in this situation? He’s acting like he had servants growing up. I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve to be with the Nets, but Durant not getting exactly what he wanted is a good thing. Brooklyn has a huge chance to win it; they’re the fourth favorite as of today.  One thing I see is this Nets team is a dysfunctional family. The two biggest crutches you can have in basketball are LeBron James and the Golden State franchise. As I look at the Nets they don’t have what Golden State has or what LeBron has. Is Kevin Durant diminished? I think so."

RJ Bell breaks down the recent news of Kevin Durant sticking with the Nets and what he thinks about it.