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The NBA Player Empowerment Era May Be Over

Photo: Al Bello

Dan Patrick: "Player empowerment may have died yesterday. It certainly cooled off. At some point, ownership has to say no. Let it happen once, then it happens again. I understand player empowerment, but live up to your contract. That's it. Or don't sign a 4 or 5 year deal, sign a 1-year deal. If that's what this is all about, then don't ask for security for 5-10 years. Your ownership deserves security as well. Your fanbase deserves security as well."

Dan Patrick reacts to Kevin Durant agreeing to remain with the Brooklyn Nets next season. Dan breaks down why he believes all trade efforts fell apart, as Durant's age and high price didn't align with many potential landing spots. Dan explains why he believes this situation may signify the end of the player empowerment era in the NBA.