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The Lakers Acquired The One Guy They Could Not Trade For

Photo: David Berding

Doug Gottlieb: "Patrick Beverley is not going to win you a championship. He makes you a slightly better team, he's a slightly better fit than what you traded away. But Patrick Beverley tells you all you need to know about how the Lakers feel or care or think about Russell Westbrook in the future. I'm not sure what's worse - if they didn't care that Westbrook couldn't stand him, or that they didn't know Westbrook couldn't stand him. Pretty obvious they didn't run it by Russ. It make you think that it opens the door to trade Russ. But man, what does it say about Russell Westbrook when LeBron welcomes in a guy who is your archenemy. Rob Pelinka trades for a guy who is your archenemy. Anybody on the Lakers who told Russ that Russ was important to them, all those words just became word salad today."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the Lakers trading for Patrick Beverley despite the history he has with Russell Westbrook. Doug believes this trade indicates all you need to know about how the Lakers view their future with Westbrook.