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'Tis the Season to Pile On Kevin Durant

Photo: Elsa

Doug Gottlieb: "So many of the things Kevin Durant has run into in terms of issues is chasing something that everybody said he should chase. 'Oh you didn't like that I chose Golden State? Fine, I'll go build one on my own in Brooklyn.' Do I think Kevin Durant is unhappy? I do. I will also admit that I've been there as well. When you live in the world of social media too much, it brings you down, it doesn't make you feel good. No matter how thick your skin, enough people tell you how bad you are at your sport, it just beats you up. I think KD has been in his phone too much. I think some of his unhappiness is a longing for something that wasn't that great to begin with. I think Durant followed the path that he thought he should take. Do I think he's a miserable guy? No. Do I think that he's entitled? Yes. I do think the Nets gave him everything and he ran roughshod over that organization. But I also think that some of what he's done is following the lead of other players or a narrative."

Doug Gottlieb reacts Charles Barkley once again sounding off on Kevin Durant. Doug explains why he doesn't fully believe Durant is a miserable person and offers some perspective on why his tenure with the Brooklyn Nets has proven to be a tumultuous relationship thus far.