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Nebraska Has Tried Everything They Can At Head Coach

Photo: Steven Branscombe

Dan Beyer: "This is where the issue is for Nebraska. There isn't a fanbase that is that big that is getting so little from their program. There wasn't a better fit in the world coming off of that perfect season that they had at UCF, than for Scott Frost to come in riding on his white horse to save the day for Nebraska football... and then now it is not happening. Now you have to be sitting there saying to yourself 'where in the world do we turn now?' Do you go find the next hot young head coach? They just tried to, that didn't work. Do you go to the NFL? That didn't work."
George Wrighster: "There is only one option at this point in time, and that is to do what USC just did."

Dan Beyer and George Wrighster react to Scott Frost facing questions of job security after Nebraska opened the season with a Week Zero loss to Northwestern. Dan explains why it is hard to blame Nebraska's athletic program for failing to find a head coach who can right the ship, as they've tried every sort of angle with their head coaching hires, all of which have led to no success. However, George believes Nebraska has one more strategy they can try to pull off, and the guys debate if such a move is even realistic for Nebraska at this point.