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Chris Broussard: "Keeping Jimmy Garoppolo is a Good Move for the 49ers"

Photo: Christian Petersen

Today on The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, Chris and Rob discuss the 49ers reconstructing QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract. The guys discuss whether or not this is good news for Trey Lance and what’s next for him moving forward.

Rob Parker: “They should have moved on from Jimmy Garoppolo. Don’t keep him around. Teams do this sometimes just so that you give the guy you turned it over to the ultimate confidence that this is their team come ‘hell-or-high-water!’”
Chris Broussard: “Trey Lance has to make the 49ers committed to him. This is big boy football. This isn’t about gift wrapping you anything because you were the 3rd pick in the draft!”