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Baker Mayfield's New-Found Maturity Will Lead Him to Success with Carolina

Photo: Eakin Howard

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Cynthia Frelund’s story about Baker Mayfield she told on the NFL Network’s Around the League Podcast. Baker allegedly told Frelund he was going to "(blank) Cleveland up" in their Week 1 matchup. Jason and Mike believe that Baker’s new attitude and approach by not going public with these words will make him successful moving forward in his career. Listen to the full segment above!

Jason Smith: “I’m feeling much better about Baker after the comments he made on this podcast. Why? Because he finally understands what it means to be a QB in the NFL. He still had that mindset of a college QB at Oklahoma. Like he could treat every game like its Oklahoma-Texas, and didn’t have the maturity to succeed in the NFL. Baker Mayfield was about himself, and made the Browns relevant, but he didn’t have the maturity to succeed at the position. That’s why he failed in Cleveland. But for the last few months, amidst trade talk and his team getting another QB, and ultimately getting traded, he’s been quiet. He’s put his head down, he’s remained humble since winning the starting job, and he made these comments in passing instead of publicly gloating about it.”
Mike Harmon: “Baker has the idea of the best of both worlds. He’s got that saltiness, chip on his shoulder, but he’s going to say what he feels to someone. And, you know what, this new approach and mindset works for him.”