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Rob Parker: Lamar Jackson Deserves the Greatest Contract in NFL History

Photo: Scott Taetsch

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss the probability of Lamar Jackson receiving a new contract from the Ravens, and what he should do to get the deal he deserves. Chris believes that Lamar should go as far as sitting out the entire year, until the Ravens are willing to pay up. Meanwhile, Rob feels that his new contract will go down as the greatest in NFL history! What are your thoughts? Listen to the full segment above!

Rob Parker: “If this deal comes down and he gets a fully guaranteed contract, it will probably go down as the greatest contract achieved in the NFL. There are a couple of reasons why: First of all, it’s harder to get a guaranteed contract, because players like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady haven’t been able to do it. Kirk Cousins did it, but it’s not a long contract. Secondly, when you think about Lamar’s playing style, he would be fully protected and taken care of. Finally, he has no agent! He’s a smart man, and doesn’t need an agent to figure out he’s better and more valuable to the Ravens than Deshaun is to the Browns. It would be the best contract in NFL history.”
Chris Broussard: “I completely agree with you take, but I have one disagreement. With all things considered, and this is just from looking at the deal specifically, the best deal in the NFL right now is Deshaun Watson’s.  He already had a big time deal, and was able to swing a bigger on with tons of legal controversy hanging over his head, even after missing all of last season, and will miss most of this season. Plus unlike Lamar he hasn’t had the same success, won an MVP, or amounted to the same stats as Lamar. Deshaun’s deal is the coup of the NFL century. Lamar deserves a much bigger deal than him that’s fully guaranteed.”