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Kevin O'Connell is Ready to Contend in the NFC North

Photo: David Berding

Dan Patrick: "I can get 10 wins out of you guys, right?"
Kevin O'Connell: "Obviously led by the Packers, I think our division is going to be a really, really strong division. I've got a lot of respect for Dan Campbell and that coaching staff. They've improved their roster, they know how to build a tough football team. Coach Eberflus is there in Chicago with a good young quarterback... Our division, where it's at right now with Green Bay being the standard, we've got a lot of work to do in the division. We have 3 home games in the division in our first 6 games. Lot of work to be done early, we're looking to try to come out of the gates as fast as possible."

Vikings HC Kevin O'Connell joins The Dan Patrick Show! O'Connell reflects on his career thus far and examines how his failures as a journeyman quarterback led to him turning to coaching. O'Connell explains why he is confident in the current roster of the Minnesota Vikings to be able to compete in a loaded NFC North. Plus, O'Connell reveals how close he came to becoming a broadcaster instead of a coach!