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Ohio State Beating Notre Dame Would Be Best For Everyone

Photo: Emilee Chinn

Dan Beyer: "If Notre Dame beats Ohio State on Saturday, where they are a double-digit underdog, the hype is going to explode, and nobody wants that. Notre Dame would be number 1 in the college football poll the next week. The hype will be there, and the media will say that they don't play into it, but they absolutely play into it. And not only will that hypetrain start, it would continue for the next 2 months, because there isn't really a game on Notre Dame's schedule that they could lose until they get Clemson in November. So you would get 2 months of full Notre Dame Fighting Irish hype and propaganda down your throat if Notre Dame wins on Saturday. If you don't want that, if you are sick of Notre Dame, and maybe you hate Ohio State as well, but I think in this instance Ohio State is the lesser of two evils."
Aaron Torres: "I look at it as almost the opposite. I do think Notre Dame would be number 1. I do think the conversation would be intense and exhausting. But I also think if they won, the conversation would be more about Ohio State not being as good as everybody thought, more than it would be to actually give Notre Dame credit."

Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres debate over what result is best for college football in Saturday's headline matchup between Ohio State and Notre Dame. Dan believes all college football fans (outside of Notre Dame's, of course) should want Ohio State to win this game, as the subsequent Fighting Irish hypetrain from media and fans alike will be nauseating. However, Aaron believes Notre Dame taking down Ohio State would actually lead to more Ohio State criticism than Notre Dame praise.