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It's So Hard for Serena Williams to Retire


Today on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike react to 23x Grand Slam champion Serena Williams losing at the US Open, in possibly her final pro match of her storied career. Jason thinks the great professional players have a tough time calling it a career because of their competitive fire and desire to walk away on top, especially with how vague she was in her post-match interview about retirement.

Jason Smith: “Had Serena Williams won any Grand Slams in 2019, it would make it much easier to walk away. Serena knows that life after tennis is going to be long. Whenever the retirement discussion comes up, she seems to be always unsure because walking away is always a hard thing to do when you’re winner like Serena.”

Mike Harmon: “We’re all still watching this and saying ‘Man, Serena still put on one hell of a show.’ You don’t get to retire gracefully very often. She’s got the worst of all decisions, and now she’s got to do some soul searching.”