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Knicks Miss Out on Yet Another Superstar

Photo: Sarah Stier

Now that that Donovan Mitchell has been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan laments another missed opportunity for the New York Knicks. Mitchell is a local Greenwich Village kid, and you would think the opportunity to help return his hometown team to glory would have given the Knicks the edge and motivation they needed to land him. With Mitchell off the table, Knicks fans have to be terribly disappointed in the direction of their franchise.

Dan Patrick: “If you’re a New York Knick fan, you gotta go, ‘What!’ Donovan Mitchell has been in New York all summer long. He’s from the Greenwich area. He was there the night that LeBron (James) had The Decision. So, they miss out on LeBron at The Decision. They miss out on Donovan Mitchell who was there as a kid at The Decision...”