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Restructuring Jimmy Garoppolo's Contract Throws Shade at Trey Lance

Photo: Ezra Shaw

LaVar Arrington: "This deal to me totally throws shade at Trey Lance's ability to be the guy for this team. And, not to mention, it cuts his legs out from under him, because they're always going to be Jimmy's players and teammates. Who do you think that offensive line, Kittle, Samuel, etc. has built a relationship and a rapport with? If something doesn't go right, what is the first thing TJ Houshmandzadeh is going to say when his quarterback that he was having success with is sitting on the bench behind the guy that isn't giving you the success that you're used to having? What are you going to say? Put my guy back in! Experiment is over, put him back in!"

LaVar Arrington and TJ Houshmandzadeh react to Jimmy Garoppolo remaining with the San Francisco 49ers despite Trey Lance being given the starting job. LaVar explains why the potential tension in the 49ers locker room could be the most compelling storyline for this season and breaks down why the 49ers decision to retain Jimmy G is an indication that they still aren't sold on Lance as the future of the franchise.