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Dan Beyer & Aaron Torres Evaluate 5 NFC Teams that are "Super Bowl or Bust"

Photo: Patrick McDermott

Dan Beyer: “I think that there are five teams in the NFC that would have a failure of a season if they don’t win the Super Bowl this year. First, is the Buccaneers, because Tom Brady didn’t unretire and come back to not win Super Bowl number 8. Second are the Packers. Aaron Rodgers wanted to get paid, but didn’t come back to the Packers to just win in the divisional and not go further. Third are the 49ers that have had high expectations for a few years, and fourth are the Cowboys. Sure Dallas may not have the best roster of these teams, but Jerry Jones expects to win Super Bowls. Finally at number five are the Rams, who are similar to Dallas in the sense that they expect to win and repeat. However, there are a lot of strong personalities in that locker room, so you have to wonder, could the LA Rams take a step back, especially losing Andrew Whitworth and Von Miller in that locker room.”
Aaron Torres: “You obviously had strong leaders in that Rams locker room throughout the season, and they lost some talent in that wide receiver room. I think there’s a natural assumption that they can, and maybe will run it back, and they are presumably the favorite, but it’s certainly not a slam dunk. If you watch that playoff run, they came back in all three games. Credit to them, but they had a lot of things go their way, and by no means was it a dominant run. They had a very slim margin of error. So, although they’re the favorite, it’s far from a slam dunk.”

On Monday’s edition of the Doug Gottlieb Show, Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres are in for Doug, and break down the 5 NFC teams they believe are Super Bowl or bust this season, and why the Rams are not a slam dunk to repeat as champs. Listen to the full segment above!