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Why College Football Playoff Expansion Works

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama

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After the NCAA agreed to expand the College football Playoff to 12 teams, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe discuss whether or not this is the best way of determining a National Champion.

Brady Quinn: "What you're doing by expanding and creating more games is making it more difficult for those best teams to be able to have that path to go win it. So that's in one way good for college football, but I think it also brings up the question of, is this really the best way of determining who our champion is versus what we had in the BCS era where we just had this formula where we selected the top two teams, or what we have now where we have this committee who decides who are the top four teams and they play-off for it."
Jonas Knox: "I do like the idea that the early round games, the higher seed is going to be at home. That atmosphere at those places, how much fun would that be?"