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Chris Broussard & Rob Parker: 2022 NFL Playoff Predictions

Photo: Sean Gardner

Chris Broussard: “I disagree! I think the Saints win the NFC South! Their defense is one of the best in football and have you seen the weapons around Jameis Winston? Remember Michael Thomas? Chris Olave from Ohio State and Alvin Kamara in the backfield!? Jameis is my dark horse MVP! No doubt! I also can’t believe you have the Broncos making the playoffs and have the Chargers missing it...”
Rob Parker: “It’s the Buccaneers by default again. I know a lot of people are high on the Saints... I don’t believe in the Saints, they have to prove themselves and the rest of the division is not that good. I like the Broncos and what they got, the Chargers aren’t making the playoffs!

Tonight on The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker the guys made their 2022 NFL pre-season playoff predictions. Last season, Chris guessed 9 out of 14 playoff teams while Rob guessed 8 out of 14 teams correctly.  Both of them agreed on most of their picks, including the Cowboys winning the NFC East, the Rams winning the NFC West, the Packers winning the NFC North, the Bills winning the AFC East, the Colts winning the AFC South, the Ravens winning the AFC North. Although, they disagreed on two picks... Rob thinks the Broncos will win the AFC West while Chris strongly believes the Chiefs will win the division. Rob also has the Buccaneers winning the NFC South, Chris countered with the Saints to win the division.