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Jason Smith and Mike Harmon Go Big Game Hunting - AFC & NFC Predictions

Jason Smith: "Who will the Bills be hosting for the AFC Championship? They will be hosting the Los Angeles Chargers. This is the most talented team they've had in a decade. Two big additions to the team on defense and with Justin Herbert being the most rapidly ascending QB in the NFL. It’s not gonna be much of a canalization for the Chargers."
Mike Harmon: "The Kansas City Chiefs are my choice. In contrary to popular belief; Andy Reid does still know how to coach. They will climb to the AFC Championship playing against the Bills."
Jason Smith: "In the NFC, I’m taking the Eagles; they are terrific. They’re going to slam the Cowboys. The Eagles will also play the Cardinals in the NFC Championship. The Rise of the Cardinals will be amazing. This is a really good team, and the only thing they need to do is take care of the second half of the season."
Mike Harmon: "For mine I'm going with old reliable, the Packers will get them there and it hurts saying that as a Bears fan. On the other side, it’s gonna be a battle of the quarterbacks. You're welcome, Tom Brady."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon go big game hunting and share their predictions for the AFC and NFC Championships.