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Rob Parker: If Baseball Is Too Long - Take out the Commercials!

Rob Parker: “I don’t want to watch baseball were everyone is bunting down the third baseline and hitting slow rollers. The pitch clock, I don’t know who that’s for! People who like that rule don’t know baseball.”
Chris Broussard: “The viewing audiences have so many viewing options and choices. These games go way to long.”
Rob Parker: “They should take out the commercials then!”
Chris Broussard:  “That’s what pays the bills Rob! I like the new rules, and we all know the game is way too long! Young people don’t have the retention span to follow these long games! The batters and pitchers will have to adjust, it’s good for baseball.”
Rob Parker: “My point is, if the game is too long; I can get up and leave! I can listen to it on the radio. It’s your choice.”  

The Odd Couple debate the new MLB rules and disagree completely on what they mean and how it will change the game.