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The Market Reacted Accordingly to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens

RJ Bell: "Wilson declares out, which is bad for the Jets. Then Lamar Jackson says ‘ no-no-no’ to the deal offered by the Ravens. And accounts made by Lamar Jackson say he will not settle. No one thinks he’s average, but when was the last time a QB of this stature doesn’t get the signing deal that he wanted? Never. Then the market reacted and now are down grading them at 6 ½ for the upcoming season."
AJ Hoffman: "I would expect Lamar Jackson to be more motivated."
RJ Bell: "He’s a NFL player, he doesn’t need to prove it anymore. Hasn’t Lamar Jackson done enough? I think the market reacted accordingly."

RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman break down the inside market on the Ravens not giving Lamar Jackson the deal he wanted.