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Kirk Cousins: Aaron Rodgers Is Probably the Best in the World

Photo: (C) David Berding 2022

Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick show after smiting his division rival Green Bay Packers yesterday in their opening game of this NFL season. Cousins talks about the luxury of throwing to Justin Jefferson and how they never counted the Packers out until the final whistle. He says his postgame conversations with Aaron Rodgers are usually short, with him reminding Rodgers that he’s probably the best in the world. And they talk about his fashion sense, supplied entirely by his wife.

Dan Patrick: “What happens at the end of a game when the quarterbacks get together? Is anything really meaningful in those conversations?”

Kirk Cousins: “...With Aaron (Rodgers), it’s just usually just shake his hand, he says, ‘Have a good season, stay healthy,’ and I usually remind him he’s probably the best in the world, and then I go my separate way...”

Dan: “Is he the best quarterback?”

Kirk: “It’s kind of that conversation of like, they’re all great at the top but I think the body of work, and the two MVPs last year, and until he’s proven otherwise, I think in my book he’s doing it as well as anybody is. And the elite level he plays at week in and week out, protecting the football and all that, yeah, I think he’s pretty special.”