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It's Too Early For Robert Saleh to Go After the Media

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets

Photo: Getty Images

Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh says he's "keeping receipts" of all the people in the media who are mocking the team, but 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe debate whether or not it's too early to display this type of emotion, especially when looking at their difficult schedule ahead.

LaVar Arrington: "While I think it's premature to get on your soapbox, if that's what he feels is going to rally his guys, is going to rally the fans, people are like tooth chippers in New York. They want somebody who's a fighter. They want you to be tough and to lean in on it. And maybe that's what he's trying to apply and appeal to."
Jonas Knox: "It's a bit early to go to the, 'we're keeping receipts card,' if the receipt is just gonna get longer. The receipt is gonna look like one of those CVS receipts by the bye week... I think he's going to look back on it and go, 'Probably should have saved that for later on.'"
Brady Quinn: "That was an emotional response for a head coach that I think prides himself on being really cool, calm and collected, and not allowing his emotions to get in the way of things. But you can see it starting to strike a nerve."