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Aidan Hutchinson: Billie Jean Dance Was Stressful

Photo: Gregory Shamus

Detroit Lions Rookie Defensive End, Aidan Hutchinson joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They discuss his love for ‘Call of Duty’ and how much of his time he spends playing. He compares and contrasts his head coach at Michigan, Jim Harbaugh, and his new head coach in Detroit, Dan Campbell. He shares his very strong dislike (call it hate if you want) for The Ohio State University. And he says the rookie hazing he had to put up with was even more stressful since it was all televised on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Dan Patrick: “When you had to get up and do your ‘Billie Jean’ nervous were you when you had to perform in front of the vets?”

Aidan Hutchinson: “That was a moment that I saw coming for a while but I didn’t know when judgement day was...when you guys heard it on Hard Knocks, that’s when I realized in real time like, I was doing this thing, right here, right now.”