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Serena Williams Will Make a Comeback

Photo: Sarah Stier

Jason Smith: “She played really well, I don’t think she’s going to hang it up. She did say LeBron started a new trend... Serena went into the tournament saying ‘if I’m going to have a bad outing I know it’s time but if not I’ll give it another shot.’ She prepared & played really well... Any competitor knows that they’re done when they’re really done, you never got that sense with Serena. She knows she still has stuff left, she isn’t going to walk away! You don’t do that! You do it when you have nothing left. You want to walk away saying I gave everything I had. Serena playing well clearly opened the door to this conversation.”
Mike Harmon: “If you have that good of a run at the US Open, there is no way you’re retiring. When you’re that good, you always want to play one more time if you can. You always still have that itch. Once you’re actually gone it’s really hard to get back to what you were & you have to remember retirement is long. Don’t take off that jersey unless you really know it’s time.”

Tonight on the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, the two best friends discussed Serena Williams’s performance at the US Open & both believe after her appearance on Good Morning America earlier today, she will come out of retirement & make a comeback just like legends Michael Jordan & Tom Brady.