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Home Field Advantage is a Very Real Thing

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals

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On Thursday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Chiefs HC Andy Reid blames week 1 injuries on the loose turf at State Farm Stadium and while many like to dismiss home field advantage, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington share examples of why it's a very real thing. LaVar shares his Joe Paterno impression and how they prepared for every opponents turf, while Brady discloses how Notre Dame's hockey arena designed a sneaky trick into the visitors bench.

LaVar Arrington: "Here's the crazy thing. Whatever surface we were going to play on, that's what we practiced on. So we have like three or four different practice fields... And so whatever the weather conditions were going to be and the length of that grass was going to be for that game, we were on it all week. And it certainly gave us an advantage."
Brady Quinn: "When they were building the hockey arena at Notre Dame... One of the sneakiest things that they did, they made the visitors bench a lot lower, so the knees of the players when they sit down are above their hips, so all the blood just gets stuck in their legs."