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Micah Parsons Misses Undisputed with Skip & Shannon

Photo: Cindy Ord

Chris Broussard: “It sounds like if things are going well then Micah will go on but if the Cowboys are losing he’s not going to go on. I can understand after Dak gets hurt & you look terrible but it’s not appropriate for you to not call Skip, Shannon or the producer of the show. The fact you didn’t contact anybody is not good. Skip is going to be critical of the Cowboys & Shannon is going to criticize Jerry jones, so what is Micah Parson’s going to do when he does go on? If he is going to give answers that are uninteresting it’s not going to work out. Or you go the other way & you speak your mind on what’s going on which turns into must see TV!”
Rob Parker: “It’s irresponsible. I’m surprised Parson’s even agreed to do this. When I heard every Tuesday I was truly stunned. I don’t think Skip and Shannon are going to sit there and toss softballs! Skip’s a Cowboys fan but I’ve also seen him throw away Dak’s jersey, Micah better come ready.”

Tonight on The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker, the two react to Micah Parson’s missing out on his contract deal to appear on Undisputed with Skip & Shannon every Tuesday morning on FS1. Micah’s excuse is that the Cowboy’s didn’t play well & he’s supposed to be a leader not on national television after a bad loss, saying ‘It’s not appropriate.’ Parson’s is still scheduled to be on the show next Tuesday.