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Russell Wilson Has an Awkward Leadership Style

Photo: Steph Chambers

Jason Smith:This is the NFL... I’m pretty sure they know which way the play is going from watching the line blocking a certain direction. I get that when you are learning football this is what you’re supposed to do but in the NFL you’re yelling out run or pass? His teammates are probably like, go sit over there, don’t tell me what to say on the field. His entire career he’s been image conscious and he’s always been led in an awkward way. Nobody ever talked about what a great leader he was, if anything he had players questioning him in Seattle. He’s a phenomenal quarterback but all the other stuff that goes along with him is just awkward... For the first time I can see his leadership style not meshing.”
Mike Harmon: “I knew he was going to fail in Denver before all this cringe stuff came out on Tik Tok. This video is one where I just sat there and was just like why...? This isn’t youth football, it’s the type of thing that makes you question is Russell the guy? He makes plays but his leadership style is tough to watch & follow. What’s he going to do next? We are the Broncos! The mighty, mighty Broncos...?”

Tonight on the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, the guys played Russell Wilson’s most recent mic’d up audio highlight from Monday Night Football. Wilson made the Broncos bench yell at to the defense if it were a run or pass play call the Seahawks were running. Jason & Mike are shocked by his leadership style and confused that an NFL quarterback would make his teammates do this.