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Duane Rankin: Looking Forward to Suns Media Day

Photo: Christian Petersen

Arizona Republic Suns Insider, Duane Ranking joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show to set the mood in Phoenix after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver handed down what many consider to be a light punishment to Suns Owner, Robert Sarver for violating workplace standards. They Dan and Duane both agree that this will ultimately fall on the players and add considerable stress to their workplace. And while Chris Paul has been through something similar already with former Los Angeles Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling, and will help project a cohesive message from the squad, Duane wouldn’t be surprised to hear strong opinions from some of the players during this season’s media day.

Dan Patrick: “When the Commissioner announced his punishment, now you put the onus on the players...So now it comes down to; do the players do enough that maybe forces him to sell this, or is there anything they could do where that changes anything?”

Duane Rankin: “That’s why Chris Paul is so important because he went through this with Donald Sterling obviously with the Clippers, so he’ll be the lead on this...But there might be a situation where you do have a player on the team that’s like, ‘Hey look man, this is how I feel. I get we’re a group, but this is how I feel.’ And this is why that the whole media day is huge because you may be surprised, there might be a person you don’t think has a real opinion on this has one. And we’re about to find out...”