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The 49ers Need To Get It Right, Not Be Right

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears

Photo: Getty Images North America

Chris Broussard: “The other thing I disagree with, that’s kind of out there, is this notion that ‘because the 49ers gave up this haul of picks to get Trey Lance, how in the world can they not play him’? Look, just because you made a mistake 2 years ago, you don’t just ride with that mistake! If it was a mistake, you gotta correct it pronto!”
Rob Parker: “Joe Dumars said something to me once, when he was the GM of the Pistons. It ain’t about being right, it’s about getting it right!”

On today’s edition of The Odd Couple, Chris and Rob discuss what the 49ers should do at the quarterback position should Trey Lance continue to struggle and Jimmy Garoppolo waits in the wings!