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Cooper Rush Leads Unlikely Group of QB’s Notching Wins in Week 2

Photo: Wesley

Week 2 of the NFL season was filled with surprises, including huge comeback wins and surprising quarterback performances. Dan couldn’t have imagined a month ago that guys like Jimmy Garoppolo and Joe Flacco would even be playing, much less recording victories for their teams. But the least likely quarterback to notch a win has to be Dallas Cowboys QB Cooper Rush considering barely anyone even knows his name.

Dan Patrick: “If I told you a month ago these quarterbacks would lead their teams to wins in week 2: Jimmy G., Joe Flacco, Jared Goff, Daniel Jones or Cooper Rush; what would be more surprising out of all of them? Cooper Rush! First of all, if I would’ve said Cooper Rush would lead his team to a win in week 2, you’d have to know who Cooper Rush is.”